DBeaver 4.0.8 Cannot insert new record in an empty table.

Note: This issue has been fixed in DBeaver 4.1 :)

I've been using DBeaver for a while to work on some Postgres databases (because PgAdmin 4 sucks!) and I found this tool to be really awesome so far. However, as we know, not everything is perfect, and I found a little bug in DBeaver which is, that you cannot add a new record by clicking on the small plus (+) sign on the grid view. This is not working only on new / empty tables. If the table has at least one record, this works.

However, you are not left alone helpless in this case. There's a small workaround to overcome the issue. This is how to insert data into a new empty table without writing a sql query.

All you have to do it press and hold the "Shift" key while cliking on that green plus sign. Then DBeaver will add a new row as usual :) That's simple, isn't it?

I hope this will be useful to someone. Please don't forget to leave a comment if you know any other work around to this :)


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