How to connect LAN in VirtualBox Ubuntu

It's 2017 and I haven't written anything in my blog this year. That's amazing. The main reason why I was away from the blog was because I was trying YouTube videos instead of blog posts and it seems they are working really well. You can find my YouTube channel here. Please feel free to subscribe and keep in touch with my new updates.

Anyway I feel I should update the blog constantly, so today I share something I learnt recently. How to connect to LAN in Virtualbox in Ubuntu? Yesterday I was trying to access a shared drive in my Local area network and I found that it's really difficult to access them using my Ubuntu PC even with Samba. I wasn't sure why I couldn't access the shared drive, it was probably due to some password issues. So I tried an alternative way to do that. I have a Windows installation running inside my Ubuntu PC using Virtualbox and I thought it would be great if I can access the network through my Virtual PC.

But I learnt that by default, when you open your VirtualBox guest OS, you are not connected to your Local area network. Instead, it only shows your host PC, and a common drive between the Host and the virtual machine. To access the LAN, you have to change a few settings and this is how to do it in a step by step way.

  1.  First off, you have to shut down your virtual pc in Virtualbox. 
  2.  Then right click on the Virtual machine you want to connect, and select "Settings".
  3.  In the settings window, go to Network section and click on the "Adaptar 1" tab.
  4.  Now you should see that "Enable Network Adapter" option is checked. If not, check that box as shown in the image. 
  5.  Then from the "Attached to" dropdown list, select "Bridged Adapter".
  6.  From the "Name" dropdown menu, select "eth0" or the network adapter you want to connect.
  7. Click the OK button and start your VM.
  8. Now you should be able to see your LAN computers :)

Image related to Step 03.

How to connect LAN in VirtualBox in Ubuntu

That's it friends. I have made a video explaining how to do this. If these steps aren't clear to you, please check this video.

How to connect LAN in VirtualBox Ubuntu

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