Ubuntu Screen Recording with Simple Screen Recorder

Are you planning to create a video tutorial for Youtube or your website? Looking for the best Screen Recording software for Ubuntu to complete the video without any hassles? Yes, I had the same question like you and I found the best answer. It's SimpleScreenRecorder! The best screen recording software for Ubuntu.

Please note that I have no affiliation nor any kind of a relationship with this software. It's just my honest review about it because it is the perfect solution I found for screen recording in Ubuntu. I wanted to let others know about it too.

Why I recommend Simple Screen Recorder?

There are many factors to be concerned when selecting a software because the requirements are different for each user. But as a rule of thumb, any software should be friendly to the user, and Simple Screen Recorder passes that requirement with a 100% score. It has a simple user interface which makes makes it possible to start using the recorder quickly using the default values.


Features of Simple Screen Recorder for Ubuntu.

  • It has a clean GUI (Graphical user interface).
  • It runs smoothly.
  • Ability to record the whole screen or a part of it.
  • Can pause the recording and start later with a single click of a button without disturbing your video.
  • Shows statistics during recording.
  • Ability to see a preview before recording, so you don't waste time recording something only to figure out afterwards that some setting was wrong.
  • Live streaming.
  • “Ready to start” default values! (this is so nice because all you have to click the record button, because the recorder is already loaded with the default values and you don't have to change them unless you really want to change them.)
Above are only a few of the notable features I liked in the Simple Screen Recorder. There are many more features.

How to install Simple Screen Recorder?


It's easy to install using the terminal. (it is not available in the Ubuntu Software Center and you will have to add their repository to your software sources manually)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder


How to Start Recording.


Once you have installed the simple screen recorder, you can launch it using the Unity Launcher.

Press the Launcher Key / Super Key (Typically the Windows key in Windows machines), and type “simple” without quotes. It will show you the icon of the Simple screen recorder. Click on it to launch the software.


Once you open it, you will get an interface similar to the below one.

Click on the continue button.

Then you come to the main configurations to start recording.


It loads a custom profile. If you want to create your own profile, you can create it by clicking on the new button.

Then it will ask you to enter a name for the new profile and all the settings you select will be saved under your profile. This is useful if you have to record the screen in different ways.

By default it will,
Record your entire screen with a frame rate of 30 fps + your cursor will be recorder. And it won't record audio. So make sure to tick the “Record audio” box if you want to record your voice too.

If you wish to continue with the default settings, click continue button to go the next screen.

In the second step, you can choose where to save your video. By default it will save to your user folder in the /home directory. You can change this to wherever you want. 

Then you can select the format of the video you prefer. Default is .mkv and you can change this too depending on your requirement.

Once you complete setting up this screen, click continue to go the final step.
Here is an interesting feature of Simple Screen Recorder, You can see a preview of your actual recording before you start.

Click on the start preview button to see what you are going to record. This will make sure that you are recording what you really wanted and nothing else :)
If you think everything is ok, press the “start Recording” button to start recording your screen. Also you can use the shortcut key, and it is recommended because otherwise your video will start with the SimpleScreenRecorder window in it :)

To start recording using the shortcut, first minimize the SimpleScreenRecorder window. You will notice  the Record icon in your status bar on top. It will have a pause icon. Now press “CTRL + R”. This will start the recording and you will notice that the recorder icon will turn red indicating that the recording has started. To Pause recording for a while, press the same “CTRL + R” again. Now again the icon will turn into the pause icon. You can continue recording your video this way as long as you want.

Once you finish recording, Press the “CTRL + R” to stop recording and open the minimized SimpleScreenRecorder window from your sidebar launcher. You will see a button at the bottom of the screen named as “save recording”. Click on this to complete the video.

Done! You have successfully recorded your screen. Now say “Thank you Simple Screen Recorder” :)

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