Imgur different image sizes and Thumbnails is a popular free image hosting service used by many people. I use it to host images I post on public forums because it's really easy to use. If you're uploading the image as a guest, it generates a one time delete link for you to save somewhere so you can visit that link to delete the image anytime. If you aren't worrying about deleting the image later, you can simply copy the direct link to the image and close the Imgur window. But once you close the window, you are not going to find those details again.

So recently, I uploaded a large image to Imgur and embedded it to a forum and noticed that the image is too large to be displayed in an average screen. My image was covering the whole screen and soon I understood that other users are not going to be happy with what I have done. So I changed my idea to show a thumbnail of the image and give a link to the original image. But I've already closed the Imgur window. So I had no more information about the image.

The only option I had is to create two images, one thumbnail and one original. Then upload the both images to Imgur and embed them separately. But it was a lot of additional work, and I wanted something easy and simple. Luckily, I found their API documentation and there, they have mentioned about different image sizes. It was really simple.

If you want to get different image sizes, you only have to append a single character to the end of the image name as below. Imgur will then generate the thumbnails for you saving a lot of time.

Imgur provides 6 image sizes so you can select whatever the size suits your requirement. The following table shows you the different image sizes available.

Thumbnail Suffix Thumbnail Name Thumbnail Size Keeps Image Proportions
s Small Square 90x90 No
b Big Square 160x160 No
t Small Thumbnail 160x160 Yes
m Medium Thumbnail 320x320 Yes
l Large Thumbnail 640x640 Yes
h Huge Thumbnail 1024x1024 Yes

For example, if your image is located at, you can get different image sizes as below;

Small Square -
Big Square -
Small Thumbnail -
Medium Thumbnail -
Large Thumbnail -
Huge Thumbnail -


Notice the last character at the end of the image name (before the extension).

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Sublime Text spell check

Sublime Text is a handy text editor which is also useful as a lightweight IDE. Most of the times, I use Sublime Text as my IDE to edit source codes. But recently I started using it to edit my text documents too. So the first thing I wanted in my text editor is a spell checker. By default Sublime Text provides two dictionaries. But you've to enable it to check the spellings because spell checking feature is not enabled by default.

Here is how you can enable spell checking in Sublime Text.

Go to View -> Spell Check or press F6.

Now Sublime will highlight your misspelled words. You can right click on any misspelled words to see a list of correct suggestions.

Spell check is performed based on the dictionary you've selected. By default you will have two English dictionaries (en_US and en_GB), but if you want additional dictionaries you can always download them from the below Github repository.

Like all the other spell checkers, Sublime Text's spell checker is also not really perfect. Sometimes the suggested words are not the words you expect. But if you are looking for a basic spell check facility, the default Spell check is more than enough :)

If you still want a good spell checker, there's a Github project that check's the spellings through Google. You can see it here :

Finally, it would be a good idea to disable the spell check feature when you are editing source codes with Sublime Text, otherwise it will highlight most of your codings :)

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List of working torrent trackers 2015 May

Torrent Tracker list 2015 May Update Notice: 22 September 2016

Last updated:
October 2016

If you are looking for the updated fresh working torrent trackers list for September and October of 2016, please read my new article here.

Torrent Trackers List 2016 September / October


The article you are about to read below is written in 2015 and may contain outdated information.


Torrent trackers help you to download your torrent files faster by providing a better connection between peers and also they help you get more peers to your torrent download. I've found many trackers list in Internet. But it's not easy to find working torrent trackers as the servers get disabled suddenly.  So here I bring you a fresh list of torrent lists working as at May 2015.

You can manually add the following trackers to your torrent download using your torrent client. The most recent, updated working tracker list is as follows.

Check this video to see how to add the trackers to your torrent client. This video will show you how to add the trackers in Transmission in Ubuntu.

Updated working torrent tracker list as at 2016 October:

Sorry guys, I had to remove the list this from my blog because I received a warning from Google. I moved the list to the following pastebin paste. Please open it to see the list.

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