Torrent Trackers List 2016 September and October

Torrent Tracker List 2016
Torrent trackers are very popular these days with the rise of torrent usage among the Internet users. I wrote one post last year giving you a great list of working torrent trackers. I received very good responses and thanks to that article from many users and still to this date I notice many visitors come to my blog to see the old list. Although many of the torrent trackers listed on that article are still working well, I understood the list is quite old and not up to date. Many of my readers asked me to provide a new working list. So I thought I should update the blog and add a new working torrent trackers list. Here is the best trackers list you can find in the Internet up to date. These are 100% working and a fresh list I made by my own research. This is the best working torrent trackers list as at September and October 2016. (List is there at the end of this article, scroll down)

Why I made this list?

I have found many torrent trackers in Internet listed by many websites. But as you have already experienced, many of the trackers are not working most of the times or they were taken down quick making them unusable. To overcome this problem, I thought I should keep a list of working torrent trackers with me which are updated monthly so I can have the best updated trackers always with me. As I always believe, If I have spent a lot of time to find something valuable, I don't want others to waste their time too. I simply share my findings with my readers so I make a great value of the time I spent by saving other's time. That is the main reason I create posts in my blog with the trackers list I found.

What are torrent trackers?

If you do not know what is a torrent tracker, you need to understand a few basic concepts of the peer to peer file sharing method. Torrents are a basic method to share files within a group of users. Torrent trackers are keeping the necessary information of torrents and peers. In order to download a file over a torrent network, you need other users to upload the file (which is referred as "seeding"). Sometimes you may find torrents which have very less number of peers or outdated peer information. So by using a torrent tracker, you can easily get more peers to your torrent download and increase the download speed and reduce the download time.

To add trackers to a torrent which the download is in progress, you can right click on the particular file in your torrent client and go to properties, then under the peers tab you can select the option "Add Trackers" to add a new tracker. But please remember these options change according the torrent client you are using. I often use Transmission in Ubuntu. I uploaded a video in my previous blog post and I'm adding it here as well so you can see and get an idea.

I have tested these trackers and I can guarantee them to work by the time I write this article. Please see the below image to see them. I tried these trackers on a torrent file which had 0 peers and I managed to get a few peers and downloaded the file. But you should understand that these trackers can go down anytime :)

 Torrent trackers working example

In this video you can see how to add trackers to your download in the Transmission bittorrent client in Ubuntu.

Some torrent clients allow you to add multiple trackers at once. So if it permits, you can directly copy the below list and paste it into the box to add them all.

Best working torrent tracker list as at 2016 September / October:







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