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Online URL Encode Decode

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What is URL Encode?

URL encoding is a simple encryption method which converts the html characters into their special entity codes. Sometimes when you are copying a link from a website or a webpage source, the URLs may me encoded, and if you copy it directly, you may not be able to download a file or visit the URL. But with our new free Online URL Encode Decode Tool, you can easily encode / decode urls within a second.

Why to need to use this Online URL Encode Decode Tool?

There are many free tools there, and it is no special reason to use our URL encode Decode tool. But our encode and decode processes are super fast. You do not need to wait until the page loads to get the Encoded or the Decoded result. Just Copy the URL, Click on Encode Decode button, and you will get the result just in a click of a button.

How our Online URL Encode Decode Tool Works?

Our URL encode decode tool is pretty simple, and we use a client side Javascript Script file to execute your URL inserted, and convert it on the fly.