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Update Notice : 23rd August 2014. 
If you are looking for the latest fix to remove the watermark, please check my new article written on 14th Aug 2014. It was written for the latest cracked version of vuescan, and includes a download link.

Link Here : How to remove Vuescan watermark – Vuescan 9.4 Crack Version 

Update Notice : 15th January 2014. This article was updated and added a direct link to download the Vuescan Cracked Version as many readers complained me that I have not provided a link to download the software.

Vuescan crackedRecently I wanted to scan a few of my urgent documents and I tried to connect my old Epson scanner to the laptop. Then I understood that I have been using the scanner on my old desktop computer which was running on windows xp, and it no longer supports my current version of windows in my laptop (Window 7) actually there was no driver available for windows 7 64 bit from Epson

So I had to get the help of Google, and I found this Software “Vuescan Professional Edition 9.2.”. It looked fine and it was just only around 08 MB. So I downloaded it and opened and scanned the document. Everything worked very fine until I found that it was an unregistered version and I have to buy it for USD 39 from the creators. They place a watermark in the output image until you buy the original software, which makes the entire image useless. Actually I was not in a position to buy that it at that moment since I was just in a hurry to get the documents get scanned (because I would have get the job done by a local shop for a very low amount). So I looked around for a temporary solution and I found some sites which offer Serial numbers for this particular application. So I tried them with the software and the keys were recognized as valid, but still the watermark was there as it is. (No, just somewhat different :D actually the number of watermarks got reduced to four.) But still the image was useless.

I tried the serial numbers just to test the software, whether I could get the job done since it was just a single document, but it didn't work as I expected. I think the results would have been same even if I have bought the software.

I do not recommend or suggest you to use pirated or cracked software. Always try to buy the original software. But still it is very important that you review about the software or the product before you actually buy it.

This was a good experience for me. I was thinking what I would feel if I have bought this. It was not really working as I expected. The serial keys I used were apparently OK or valid since the application identified them.

Please share your ideas if you ever had any experience like this……It will be useful for others :)

Vuescan cracked Professional Edition Full Version Download

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It will directly download the file. Download and install the software at your own requirement as I have no connection with the file uploader and I do not take any responsibility because I do not recommend to use Cracked Software.


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  2. Hi, i bought basic version for over a year now it stop working after click upgrade button. The owner of the software ED is very canning that did not show the upgraded version is not free. After I emailed him, he told me I can still download the old version to reinstall. I did but it hangs now. My serial number only works for the old one. I am very pissed. I do not want to pay anything more. I was happy with the old version. I downloaded your version but I cannot get the password for ZIP file without signing up with some other product promotion stuff. I am not in US and cannot join all those promotions. Can you kindly email the password? I feel get kicked twice. Thanks in advance! rcloud

  3. I found SOLUTION.

    Use google and search fot Vuescan Keygen.

    Disconnect from the internet BEFORE you start the program Vuescan.
    While you scan you don't have to be connected otherwise your documents will have watermarks..


    1. Right on! Disconnect before starting the proggy... if the three boxes are blank, fill them in. Then Continue, do all your scanning, and once you have closed the proggy, reconnect to the Internet. Next time, disconnect First and you will see that you still have the 3 OK's.. Thanks Nime.

    2. Thanks Ano, That will be useful to others :)

  4. Going off of what Freddy posted on June 14, 2014
    Create an Inbound and Outbound Rule in your Windows Firewall to block Vuescan from connecting to the internet. This way you can remain connected and VueScan won't be able to access it.

    1. Thats a cool trick indeed! You can block Vuescan accessing internet from the Firewall. Thanks for your input Anonymous :-)

  5. Try adding the following line to the hosts file..


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