View and edit files inside a docker container.

How to view and edit files inside a docker container.

Today I deployed a new service in a docker container and found that service wasn't working as expected. Since it was working in my local environment, I guessed that it could be due to a small issue. So I decided to access the files inside the docker container and do some manual debugging. I wanted to write down the command to access the terminal of the container in my blog for my own reference. Hope this will help others too.

So here's how to get into the terminal / bash prompt of your container. Just run the following command.

docker exec -it <your-container-name> bash
That's it. I hope you know that you can get a list of all running instances by giving the docker ps command ;)

One last thing, since I mentioned about editing files. Docker by default, doesn't come with any editors like nano or vim. You may need to install them manually. It's super easy, in case you don't remember, just run:

apt update
apt install vim
Hope it helps :)


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