Find the host name of the mysql connection in PHP

Find the host name of the mysql connection in PHPIf you ever face any situation where you want to get the name of the mysql host you / your web application is connected to, you can use the following little query and find it easily. I recently worked in a project which was initially developed by someone else, and I had to make some minor changes in the codings and the database tables. So I looked for the connection file and found out that the host name mentioned there was localhost (as usual). I had no cpanel login details with me. Besides, for database things what I usually do is, I make a connection to the database using my Navicat and run all queries there as it saves a lot of the time.

In cases where I need to find the host name, I use the following mysql query. Here is how you can use it in your PHP application and quickly find out the mysql hostname.

$sql = "SHOW VARIABLES WHERE Variable_name = 'hostname'";
$qdata = mysql_query($sql);
print_r(mysql_fetch_array($qdata)); // prints debug.

Now you can easily connect to the mysql database with your favorite database client.

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