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Best Wordpress Social Sharing Plugin
Wordpress....You Wanna be Social?
Today I am going to introduce you the Best Social Sharing Plugin for Wordpress. There is no doubt that Wordpress is the best Open Source Content Management System (CMS) available today. The main reason for its popularity is the ability to use Wordpress for any kind of a website. It can be used either as a simple Blog or as a complete Website. All you have to do is change few values in the admin area. This special ability has made many webmasters to shift from their old custom developed websites to Wordpress powered websites.  Wordpress gives you easy control of your website in a single place from creating pages, creating blog posts to managing the SEO tasks.

If you are using Wordpress, you may want to read this article which I wrote about a security measure in Wordpress titled Wordpress Hacking.

OK. Enough talk about Wordpress? Yes, let’s jump to our topic.

So today I’m going to share one of my experiences with an awesome Wordpress plugin, which will be really helpful to make your Social Presence Strong. Social Media Marketing or promoting your content over the Social Media is an essential task today when it comes to SEO. That is because our big brother Google has fallen in love with Social Networks a few years back and they wants us to engage more in social media :) So I am here today to introduce you a nice plugin for that.

I guess you may have already tried several plugins to insert a Social Sharing Widget in your blog / Website to increase Social Media Shares and end up with finding a bug or some mistakes in the plugin. That was the same scenario for me as well. I did a lot of research to find out the best plugin that will fit my requirement, which was really simple. I just wanted to insert a social share buttons in my Posts and the Pages with the exact Shares, Likes, Tweets or whatever the counts. Most of the Plugins failed to accomplish this simple task.

But, at last I found this awesome plugin called Dig Dig. It was really good that I could remove all the other plugins I already had for Social Sharing.

Dig Dig plugin is absolutely a nice plugin, but nobody is perfect yeah? I found a few bugs in it too. Actually they were not accountable when compared with its nice appearance and the user friendliness. Actually the fault was with my template. Dig Dig was not working smoothly with my template, but still it was quite good though I had several problems with alignments.

The plugin provides two main alignment options as in the other plugins, basically as floating menu, or as a Horizontal bar. When compared to other plugins I have used, Did Dig gave me the actual counts as soon as my likes got increased. The other plugins that I have been using were not updating or not showing the real Shared count. So as a whole, I think Dig Dig is a nice plugin, and that has made me write a good review about it.

If you came here looking for a Wordpress plugin for Social Sharing, I recommend Dig Dig for you. You can install it and try whether it matches your requirements. Why we really drop many great plugins is that the requirements of each of us are different. The main idea is to add a Plugin to display some Social Sharing buttons in our Wordpress website along with the Social Sharing counts. The developers may have already done it. But they are not targeting the usability. If the Dig Dig developers also can target more on usability of the plugin with some major Wordpress templates at least, it will reach to the number 01 plugin for social sharing in no time.

I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences with the other readers because that will be helpful for all. Sometimes I may be wrong. You may have found many mistakes in the same plugin which I have discussed here, or you may know some other great plugin than what I have mentioned. So you have a whole lot of things to Say...I am very happy to hear from you :)

Happy Wordpressing :D

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