The Story of Gmail’s new tabbed interface

If you are using Gmail daily, this is not a new thing for you. But few days ago, Google introduced a new tabbed interface into the Gmail accounts, and this post is all about it.
If you are not familiar with this new interface, you might get a clear idea about it after reading this. So keep reading :)

The Old story…………..

We know that, Gmail was started as a service by Google to overcome the problems we had with other email service providers like Yahoo & msn. They were the most popular email services before the arrival of Gmail. The main problem of these old services was the space they provided. It was a very little amount of storage and users had to keep their inboxes cleared to welcome the new emails. Then Google introduced their new product, Gmail. They promised that they will provide unlimited storage for their users. But by now they offer only 10 GB of free storage, and it is comparatively a fair storage for nothing (I mean for free :D).

Why is it?

What I wanted to tell you was that Gmail / Google always introduces new things to help their users. This new tabbed interface also the same. Since emails have become an essential part of our day to day lives, it is important that we do not miss any email because each and every email will be useful most of the times. Hence Gmail has come up with this new interface which will bring you a clean and a well organized inbox.

How it works?

Gmail will automatically add 3 tabs (by default it has 05 pre generated tabs) to your inbox as Primary, Social, and Promotions. Other two are Updates and Forums, and they are not activated by default.

The Good news is that if you do not like this tab thing you can always hide them.

Why I need those tabs?

OK, be cool….They will just filter your emails in the inbox. Don’t worry…all your mails are there. Read the below lines and you will find exactly what it will do for you :)

Primary Tab: the mails you usually receive from other people, especially from the people you know by the name of the sender will be included in this tab. (to be exact, the emails you receive from an individual. Cool. Got it?)

Social Tab: I know, we all are social addicts, maybe either Google+, Facebook, twitter or anything else, we all use them. But what’s the bad with them? Yes they do send emails daily. Yeah? Personally I don’t like this type of emails. The problem is now solved. Those mails will directly go to the social tab.
See how easy? Now no more hassles choosing the important mails…

Promotions Tab: If you have subscribed to any mailing list, you may already have experienced the spam-my type useless mails (most of the times they send crap.)
No problem, now you don’t need to worry about them. Gmail will filter them for you.

Updates Tab: This tab will filter emails which are in the type of confirmations or receipts or bills. Say if you have registered for a website, and they want you to reconfirm your email address. You will get en email from them. So this is an important tab. If you have not activated this tab, the emails in this category will be shown in the primary tab.

Forums Tab: This is similar to the above Promotions tab, but this includes the emails from Public Forums, or Group discussion boards which you are engaged in.

How to use the tabs?

Well, actually you don’t have to do anything. Gmail will handle everything for you.
But still if you need any email to be shown in a specific group, you can drag and drop the email to the tab you need. Gmail will ask you whether you need to follow this action for the future mails from this sender. 

Click on yes.

It is simple as that.

To manage the tabs, click on the + icon next to the tabs. It will bring up the options box. Or click on the settings button (the toothed wheel icon on the top right corner), and click on “Inbox Options”. It will also open the same options window. To make any tabs hide or visible, just use the check box to tick or un-tick the tab. To completely hide the tabs, un-tick all the check boxes and click on save button. (You can’t un-tick the primary tab, but it will not be shown if other tabs are not selected).

Inbox options window


Gmail introduces all these features to enhance the experience of its users, and hence to increase the user friendliness. Ultimately, it is an important factor for any product, maybe it is either an Online or an offline product, the user friendliness is still important. So do you think this feature of Gmail will be helpful? Or have it been already useful to you? 

Leave your ideas for others…….


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